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Andrew Mitchem is a full time Forex trader who started out as a dairy farmer looking for a better life. He currently has over seven years experience as a fulltime forex trader, he manages private investment funds and he offers forex coaching. Like most new forex traders, he has had his fair share of failures and lost a lot of money on useless forex trading books and trading robots that tend to promise overnight profits but instead deliver only losses.

Andrew offers online video coaching and one on one coaching to customers worldwide and his aim is to teach his customer a simple and effective way to profit from the forex markets. His coaching program teaches traders how to develop their own trading systems that can identify where the forex market is headed based on price action, candlestick formations and other reliable indicators. He also teaches traders how to identify the exact entry and exit positions for each trade and how to manage your trades.

Andrew offers both online video coaching and one on one coaching, but his online video coaching is by far the most popular of his offerings and the ideal option for forex traders worldwide who want to benefit from his coaching. Compared to the one-on-one coaching, the video course is also much more affordable.

What’s Included in the Forex Trading Coach Course?

The online video course course includes the following:

  • A series of online videos that teach his trading strategy in detail
  • A copy of Andrew’s customised charting templates.
  • Course notes written in a step by step workbook that is printable.
  • Check list sheets for helping traders manage their entry and exit positions
  • Access to all videos on past/future trades, technical and fundamental analysis
  • Access to Andrew’s daily trading recommendations.
  • Access to Andrew’s bi-weekly live webinars and trading room
  • Direct email access to Andrew himself for one-on-one support

The one-on-one coaching program is Andrew Mitchem’s most expensive product, offered to traders who want private mentoring. The main benefit of taking this coaching package is that you get face to face coaching with Andrew Mitchem at your own home or office. This has a number of advantages over online training, but it is however much more expensive and out of reach for most customers. However, I do feel that the online video coaching is more than adequate for the majority of students.

What Do Customers Say About The Forex Trading Coach?

The overwhelming majority of Andrew’s customers report that his coaching is very good and comprehensive and more importantly, that his trading strategies are very effective and profitable. In general, his students are very impressed with the software tools and daily trade recommendations that Andrew provide and they are also very satisfied with the way he maintains close contact with all his clients to offer personal support in any way possible.

Customers also like the fact that Andrew is transparent and honest about his own trading and he makes available all his live account trades to his clients on a daily basis. He also executes all his daily trading recommendations on his own live trading account, so he leads by example. This shows that Andrew is a real trader who believes in the trading strategy he teaches (contrary to some other forex coaches who make a living from teach and don’t trade their own systems).

Out of the 40 real customer reviews that I have investigated, every single one agreed that The Forex Trading Coach video course is one of the best forex courses available online and all of them agree that they are seeing positive results in their trading after taking the course.

It is hard to find anything negative to say about Andrews courses, but if I have to name one it would have to be that his one on one coaching course is rather expensive. At $10,000 this course is probably beyond the reach of many aspiring traders, but it is important to note that one-on-one coaching is not necessary and the online video course offers all the training and support that most people would ever need.

Based on the everything include in the forex trading coach package,  the excellent feedback from dozens of customers as well as the results reported by these customers, I have to conclude that this is one of the best forex courses that money can buy today. Forget about $97 holy grail systems that promise some loophole or secret that will make you rich over night. Get this course and learn to become a real trader.

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